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St. Peter Orphanage & School in Africa - Growing Success

January 30, 2021
St. Peter Orphanage and School self-sustainability projects and child feeding program are proving successful. See the Orthodox Africa news tab for the full article. 


New Church Construction in Guatemala

January 30, 2021
The spiritual direction taken by these humble and “rebellious” folk cost them dearly. The flames of persecution, fanned by their former co-religionists, gave rise to hateful accusations of not belonging to a real church, just another cult, of being false prophets and followers of the Antichrist. Confusion ensued and many left the movement, leaving only 12 families, with no place to meet.


Difficulties of COVID for the Haitian Orthodox Mission

January 30, 2021
Their schools have been dosed on and off throughout the spring. As a result of economic difficulties around the world, Haiti suffers more acutely as they depend upon us for much of their schooling and church needs. Travel to the country has become quite difficult as there is an enforced fourteen-day quarantine required for all visitors and then a quarantine on your way back to the United States, specifically if you are going to New York.


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The Missions Institute of Orthodox Christianity seeks to promote a vibrant mission consciousness among students and seminarians at the Orthodox Theological schools and Seminaries in the United States. It strives to do this by offering missiological courses, mission practicum, and special programs and events that help future Church leaders understand the centrality of missions, evangelism and outreach within the Church and be inspired to fully participate and develop such ministries in their future pastoral and missionary work.