Mission Week 2019 - October 21st to 25th

During the annual Hellenic College Holy Cross Mission Week, which will occur on October 21st to the 25th, His Emmience Innocentios Byakatonda of the Metropolitan and the Diocese of Burundi and Rwanda will bless HCHC with his presence. Futher, on October 24th, he will share his vision and experience on missions. 

Born in 1967 in Eastern Uganda in the city of Jinja, Metropolitan Innocentios Byakatonda Studied in the United States at the Holy Cross Hellenic Collage in Boston and for long has been involved in service to the Orthodox Mission in Africa in different countries such as Kenya, where he served as a Vicar general and left a notifiable impact on the growth of Orthodoxy in that country as well as having an instrumental role in the prosperity of Makarios III Orthodox Theological seminary in Nairobi. He has served as the Bishop of the Diocese of Burundi and Rwanda for a period of 6 years and he has continuously fronted the development of Orthodoxy in those countries respectively.

On November 26, 2018, during the First day of the Holy Synod of the Patriarchate of Alexandria and all Africa, His Grace Innocentios Byakatonda was elevated to a Priestly rank of a Metropolitan and the Diocese of Burundi and Rwanda to the rank of Metropolis of Burundi and Rwanda.